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Decorating Policy



The purpose of these rules is to continually maintain a beautiful cemetery through a program that permits proper and timely maintenance procedures at a reasonable cost. This objective is in the interest of all lot owners and can be achieved by the cooperation of all concerned.

For decorations, the year is divided into two seasons: Winter – December 1st to March 1st
(see special note under blankets); and, Summer – March 1st to December 1st.

WINTER SEASON – The following types of decorations are permitted:

Bouquets or sprays of natural or artificial flowers in turn-down vases.
(see “Containers”) or in containers securely mounted on an upright monument.

Winter wreaths securely anchored to the display devise and to the ground.

Grave blankets (see Note below) of an evergreen material that are flush with and securely anchored to the ground. Boxes or other devices beneath the blanket to elevate it are not permitted.


Due to the potential damage grave blankets can do to the turf, Cemetery reserves the right to shorten duration of time they are permitted on graves. In other words, season may start later than December 1st and Cemetery may have to remove them prior to March 1st. In any case, Cemetery assumes no responsibly for damage to turf caused by blankets and lot owners will be assessed cost of repair if necessary.

SUMMER SEASON – The following types of decorations are permitted:

Bouquets or sprays of natural or artificial flowers in turn-down vases.
(See “Containers”)
or in containers securely mounted on an upright monument.


Potted plants, summer wreaths, baskets, small planters, styrofoam and plastic designs are permitted only for a period extending from the third day before and ending one week after each of the following special dates: EASTER, MOTHER’S DAY, MEMORIAL DAY and FATHER’S DAY. If these types of decorations are not removed by the owner at the end of each special date period, they will be removed and disposed of by Cemetery personnel.


Hold-down or supporting devices such as wires, pegs, stakes, etc. are never permitted. They will be removed immediately (along with the decoration) when found by Cemetery personnel.

Planting or digging of any type for any purpose, excepting by Cemetery personnel, is never permitted.

Deteriorated, unsightly and inappropriate grave decorations, as determined by the Superintendent, as well as decorations placed during unauthorized periods, will be removed. This includes artificial as well as natural decorations. The Cemetery will not retain or store decorations and containers removed. Cemetery personnel will at all times exercise every reasonable care in handling decorations. However, the Cemetery or its personnel assumes no responsibility for damage or disappearance of any decoration or container.

CONTAINERS: Turn-down vases with the vase receptacle below the ground surface are the only year-round containers permitted for ground-level decorations because: (1) they are always ready for use; (2) they do not damage or destroy the turf; (3) they can be replaced accurately when removed for mowing; (4) they are readily available from the Cemetery office or elsewhere.


Installation of these vases is to be made only by authorized personnel. A below-ground container with an open top is never permitted.

Glass containers of any kind are never permitted.

No urns, jardinières or large planters are permitted anywhere at any time excepting in owned monument space on either the monument base or other permanent type base approved by the Cemetery and installed by authorized personnel at the lot owner’s expense. An endowment care fund may be required to provide funds for the additional maintenance expense.

GENERAL: No fence, coping, ditch, hedge, trellis, post, chain, chair, bench, railing, step, boxing, border, shells, toys, wire arches, watering pots, crockery, glassware, or other objects, advertisements in any form, vehicle of any character, ground covering, box containing a decoration, or enclosure of any kind, shall be put or placed upon any lot.

Regardless of location, all trees, shrubs and plants, whether existing now or in the future, are in the custody of the Cemetery. None shall be planted, removed or pruned on any lot except with prior consent of the Cemetery, but, the Cemetery shall have the right to plant, transplant, remove or prune same.

Lot owners who own monument space of sufficient size may request planting, at their expense, of small or dwarf variety shrubs in the monument space. Such plantings must have the prior approval of the Cemetery as to location, type and size. All plantings are to be made by authorized personnel only. An endowment care fund may be required to provide funds for the additional maintenance expense.

The following is recommended as an appropriate grave decoration program:

Purchase and have installed a turn-down vase.

Limit decorations to one for each grave.

Use cut or artificial flowers in the vase for the Summer Season with a wreath as optional for the special dates.

Use a firmly anchored wreath for the Winter Season.

Place an identification tag on decorations of value to minimize loss during heavy wind periods.

Please never hesitate to call Cemetery office with any questions. 419-223-3811,
Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 4:00.

Memorial Park Cemetery
3000 Harding Hwy • Lima, OH 45804
Phone: 419 223-3811

Joe and the Staff of Memorial Park Cemetery put my Mind at Ease...

Joe and the staff at Memorial Park Cemetery put my mind at ease during the passing of my husband John. John was very special to me, so I was grateful to be in such good hands during such a trying time. The whole process was handled with care from the staff. I trust Memorial Park Cemetery to handle all future arrangements.     — Joyce A.

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